Tracks and Sessions

Open Science for Enhanced Global Environmental Protection

The challenges faced by environmental scientists, industrial innovators and policy makers is enormous due to the complexity, cross-disciplinary and wickedness of many of the most pressing environmental challenges. These include ecosystem resilience to the combined stressors of increased pollution and climate change, the intersection of legacy and emerging pollutants as highlighted by the current “plastic crisis”, not to mention the huge effort required collectively to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and open data ecosystem is crucial to all three activities – to advance research progress, to drive innovation and positive socioeconomic impact, and to allow policy makers access to relevant information to drive change!

To support the transition to open science and showcase the role of open data for enhanced global environmental protection, the SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting in 2020 in Dublin will bring together scientists from various disciplines in Academia, Business, Government and NGOs to share, debate, discuss, disseminate and facilitate the re-use of their most recent scientific knowledge. The topics include:

  • the fate and behaviour of emerging and legacy pollutants, at cellular, organism, community, population and ecosystem levels;
  • the development of solutions to reduce, replace and regulate the use of known pollutants;
  • strategies to mitigate and remediate contaminated soil, air and water; and
  • innovations to foster more sustainable practices in agriculture, waste treatment, resource management and more.

The scientific programme consists of 7 tracks for parallel sessions. Have a look at the session descriptions before submitting your abstract.

Advances in Invertebrate Endocrine Toxicology | Gerald A. LeBlanc, Alice Baynes, Thomas Knigge – description

Advantages of Using Field Collected Invertebrates in Ecotoxicology and Ways to Standardise Their Collection and Testing | Ben Kefford, Scott Belanger, Gertie Arts, James Lazorchak – description

Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing for Aquatic Ecotoxicity Assessments and Environmental Risk Assessments | Teresa Norberg-King, Adam Lillicrap, Natalie Burden, Miguel Oliveira – description

BiER (Biotransformation and Elimination Rate) Matters: Unsolved and New Challenges on the Use of Toxicokinetic Information in Chemicals Regulation | Michelle Embry, Jon Arnot, Ester Papa – description

Chemical Safety Assessment of Surfactants: Current Challenges in Regulatory Science and Future Prospects | Arnaud Catherine, Mark Bonnell, Marc Geurts, Steven Droge – description

Ecotoxico-Evolution: Effects of Chemical Stressors on Genetic Diversity – from Genes to Aquatic Communities | Pedro Inostroza, Melis Muz, Till Luckenbach – description

Epigenetic and Evolutionary Effects of Environmental Stressors on Environmental and Human Health | Eduarda Santos, Laia Navarro-Martin, Jana Asselman – description

Fish Model Species in Human and Environmental Toxicology | Nils Klüver, Riccardo Massei, Jorke Kamstra, Ann-Cathrin Haigis – description

From Lab to Field and from Individual to Population: Relevance of the Effects Observed in Lab Studies for the Populations of Non-Target Organisms | Maria Arena, Laurent Lagadic, Antonio Finizio – description

Human and Environmental Lipid Disruptors | Cinta Porte, Carlos Barata, Filipe Castro, Miguel Santos – description

Improving Exposure Characterization of in Vitro Testing to Support Quantitative Extrapolations to in Vivo Systems | Aaron Redman, Beate Escher, Philipp Mayer, Michelle Embry – description

Innovative Assessment Tools and Criteria for the Protection of Ecosystems and Human Health | Stefania Marcheggiani, Henner Hollert, Mario Carere, Alessandro Farinelli – description

Invertebrate Species as Surrogates for Vertebrate Animal Testing in Ecotoxicology: New Insights for Environmental Risk Assessment | Carlos Barata, Bruno Campos, João Pestana – description

Microbial Ecotoxicology of PAH: From Microbial Degradation to Bioindication | Robert Duran, Cristiana Cravo-Laureau, Lukas Wick – description

Modern Approaches to Evaluating PFAS Impacts Across Scales, Species, and Ecosystems | Carla Ng, Suzanne Fenton, Jamie Dewitt, Carlie Lalone – description

Neuroendocrine and Neurochemical Disruption in Vertebrate and Invertebrate Models | Vance Trudeau, Carlos Barata – description

Not All Oil Spills Behave the Same: Unconventional Oils, Advanced Characterization and Ecotoxicity | Rosa Galvez, Maximiliano Cledon, Satinder Kaur Brar, Patrice Couture – description

Novel Developments in Endocrine Disruptor Testing with Vertebrates | Lisa Baumann, Joëlle Rüegg, Maria Arena, Laurent Lagadic – description

Novel Tools and Bioassays for the 21st Century Environmental Toxicology | Ludek Blaha, Cornelia Kienle – description

One Health and the Environment | Rebecca Van Beneden, Nishad Jayasundara, Remy Babich – description

Perspectives on Data Driven Biology as a Safety Assessment Tool, Part 1 -Technology and Data Management | Philipp Antczak, Bruce Stanton, Joe Shaw – description

Perspectives on Omics in Safety Assessment, Part 2 – Application and Decision-Making | Bruno Campos, Anze Zupanic, Geoff Hodges, Philipp Antczak – description

Synergism, Antagonism or Additivity? Interaction of Multiple Stressors on Higher Organisms | Mirco Bundschuh, Matthias Liess – description

What’s the Difference, What’s the Sensitivity and What’s the Variability in Standard Laboratory Toxicity Tests? | Alex Ford, Gerd Maack, Teresa Norberg-King, James Lazorchak – description

Wildlife Ecotoxicology: From Sub-Lethal Responses to Adverse Effects at the Individual and Population Level | Sara Novais, Mason King, Begona Jimenez, Marta Villar – description

A Risky Life History: Contaminant Threats to Scavenging Wildlife | Rafael Mateo Soria, Richard Shore, John Elliott – description

Advances in Microbial Community Ecotoxicology Under Multiple Stressors Scenarios | Lorenzo Proia, Joan Artigas, Marie Simonin, Helena Guasch – description

Advances in Trophic Ecotoxicology | Clémentine Fritsch, M. Gloria Pereira, Michael Danger, Francis Raoul – description

Advancing Use of Behavioural Studies in Regulatory Assessment of Contaminants | Minna Saaristo, Tomas Brodin, Bryan Brooks, Gerd Maack – description

Aquatic and Terrestrial Plant Ecology, Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment | Rena Isemer, Henry Krueger – description

Bees, Bugs and Beneficials in Environmental Risk Assessment and Testing | Ivo Roessink, Jane Stout, Nicole Hanewald, Jacoba Wassenberg – description

Biodiversity and Plant Protection | Stefan Kroder, Daniel Ruf – description

Contaminant-Driven Habitat Disturbance and Subsequent Spatial Displacement of Local Populations: Increasing Ecological Relevance of Ecotoxicity Tests | Julian Blasco, Cristiano Araujo, Matilde Moreira Dos Santos, R.G.L.G. Ribeiro – description

Contaminants in Highly Exposed Wildlife: Interactions of Contaminants, Climate Change, and Other Environmental Stressors | Veerle Jaspers, Laura Anglada, Kim Fernie – description

Ecosystem Functions and Services: Understanding and Managing Anthropogenic Impact | Claudia Rivetti, James Lazorchak, Ekaterina Kovaleva, Angel Cano – description

Embedding Ecological Concepts in Ecotoxicology: Processes, Populations and Communities | David Spurgeon, Andrew Johnson, Jeremy Piggott – description

Impact and Trophic Transfer of Chemical Pollutants in Food Webs Within and Across Ecosystem Boundaries | Mirco Bundschuh, Ana Marta Gonçalves, Jochen Zubrod, Isabel Campos – description

Impacts on Agroecosystems Resulting from Chemical Exposure in the Anthropocene | Jonathan Sallach, Laura Carter, Shannon Bartelt-Hunt – description

Soil Ecotoxicology: New Methods and Novel Applications in Environmental Risk Assessment | Mark Maboeta, Juliska Princz, Claudia Lima – description

Soil Function and Biodiversity: Impacts and Resilience Under Stressed Environments | Susana Loureiro, M. Nazaret González-Alcaraz, Rui Morgado, C.A.M. (Kees) Van Gestel – description

Advances in Bioavailability Science and Application to Chemical Regulation | Christopher Hughes, José Julio Ortega-Calvo, John Parsons – description

Advances in Exposure Modelling: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Application | Todd Gouin, Matthew MacLeod – description

Advancing Our Understanding of Contaminants of Emerging Concerns Associated with Plastic and Microplastics: Identification, Analysis, Occurrence and Effects | Yelena Sapozhnikova, Yolanda Pico, Glaucia Olivatto – description

Analysis of Microplastics and Nanoplastics – From Harmonisable Protocols and Data Treatment to the